EasyCare Algatec Synergy Algaecide for Green, Yellow & Black Algae, 64 oz


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Algatec® is a synergistic algaecide, water clarifier and chlorine booster for all types of swimming pools. Algatec® helps improve water quality and swimmer comfort in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. As an algaecide, Algatec® kills green and yellow algae in 4 to 24 hours and eradicates black algae (fungus) in 7 to 10 days. Algatec® also strongly prevents algae growths in swimming pools. Algatec’s® clarifiers flocculant to create ultra-clear water in swimming pools. Its strong synergy with swimming pool, spas and hot tub sanitizers helps boosts chlorine and bromine effectiveness up to 600% while reducing sanitizer usage between 25% to 65%. Algatec® is compatible with all salt cell systems and helps improve salt cell performance